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All About the E-1 Visa

Foreign nationals need visas to get into the United States. There are visas for all sorts of purposes (leisure, study, and work to name a few) and for different groups of people (such as skilled professionals, athletes, businessmen).
The E1 Visa is a kind of treaty visa for nationals (whether individuals or companies) of countries that have treaties with the United States. The treaty visas or E-visas allow nationals to work, develop, invest, and trade within the United States of America. The application for the E1 Visa bears some similarities with the other types of US Visas. However, it is also very different in many ways. Here are some important facts about the E1 Visa or Treaty Trader Visa:

  • The E1 Visa applies to citizens of Australia, Argentina, Austria, Bolivia, Belgium, Brunei, Costa Rica, Republic of China, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Ethiopia, Estonia, France, Finland, Greece, Germany, Honduras, Italy, Ireland, Iran, Israel, Korea, Japan, Liberia, Latvia, Lux’bourg, Netherlands, Mexico, Norway, Pakistan, Oman, Philippines, Suriname, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Switzerland, Togo, United Kingdom, Turkey, as well as
  • The volume of trade must be at least 50% to or from the USA to qualify for an E1 Visa.
  • E1 Visa is not limited to a single trader. It can also be applied for by a trader for their special employees and people in key managerial positions, provided that the employees have worked for the trader for at least a year.
  • During the application process for the E1 Visa, the trader must be able to substantiate the trade transactions (past and projected future), the dollar value of trade, and the wealth of experience in the field, business acumen, and the willingness to leave the United States once the E1 Visa status is terminated.
  • The trader (principal applicant) must be the first to obtain the E1 Visa so that the process of getting E visas for employees will be straightforward (about 15 working days for subsequent employees).
  • Employees of the trader seeking E1 Visa should be of the same nationality as the trader.
  • Two kinds of employees may qualify for an E1 Visa: executive/managers and specialist/essential skilled workers. Between the two, it is more challenging to obtain a visa for a specialist since there are more criteria to be met.
  • E visas usually come with a visa issuance fee of around $100 to $200.
  • Dependents of E visa holders may also be issued an E visa, but not for employment purposes (although some may be used for studying).

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