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Permanent Residence Visas

Our Atlanta adjustment of status lawyer will assist you in  obtaining your   permanent residence card or popularly known as a “green card”. Whether through a marriage-based or employment petition or a special  immigrant application such as a battered spouse petition which will allow you an adjustment of status or change of  status, our  attorney ensures that your application is properly and timely filed, carefully reviewed and documented and submitted  and followed up as soon as USCIS acknowledges receipt.
Our Atlanta adjustment of status lawyer  immigration law firm with dedicated Immigration lawyers will guide you through  this process. To become a legal permanent resident (or green card holder), you must first be admitted as an immigrant. The most common  methods for obtaining an immigrant visa are:
1) through family relationship with a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident, or
2)  through employment. Other methods are: through a grant of asylum, green card lottery or special amnesty provisions. An immigrant is  a foreign national who has been granted the privilege of living and working permanently in the United States. You must go through  a multi-step process to become an immigrant. In most cases, USCIS must first approve an immigrant petition for you, usually filed  by an employer or relative. Then, an immigrant visa number must be available to you, even if you are already in the United States.  After that, if you are already in the United States, you may apply to adjust to permanent resident status (If you are outside the  United States, you will be notified to go to the local U.S. consulate to complete the processing for an immigrant visa.) contact our Atlanta adjustment of status lawyer today.