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Citizenship and Naturalization

The Atlanta citizenship lawyer at Zeb Immigraion Lawyer has helped  clients obtain their United States citizenship. Our Atlanta citizenship and naturalization attorney will guide you through the  proper steps in obtaining status. All naturalization applicants must demonstrate good moral character. Other naturalization  requirements may be modified or waived for certain applicants, such as spouses of U.S. Citizens or individuals currently serving in  the United States military. Additional requirements include:   · A period of continuous residence and physical presence in the  United States   · The ability to read, write and speak English   · Good moral character   · Knowledge of the principles of  the U.S. Constitution   · Favorable disposition towards the United States   · Pass the United States Citizenship test.

Naturalization is simply the steps required to acquire citizenship to a country. The process generally follows a set of three to five steps and can take anywhere from thirty days to two years and may require a minimum amount of time to live within the borders of the country in which the person wishes to acquire citizenship. An immigration lawyer is advisable for anyone seeking citizenship as any discrepancy in any of the steps can result in an immediate halt to the naturalization.

The initial step is to fill out the N-400 form, also known as the application for naturalization. While this step may seem straightforward, any omitted pieces of information can result in long delays. It is also best to have an immigration lawyer present while filling out this form as anything put onto the form may be gone over in a person to person interview for eligibility. Any information spoken during the interview which goes against any information on the N-400 form can result in an immediate termination of the process. Making multiple copies of the application for personal records is advisable. Along with the form, two color passport-sized photos will be needed for the application process. The size of the pictures is important, they must be 2″ x 2″ or 5 x 5 centimeters. The photograph must be clear and free of head coverings which are not worn for religious reasons. It should be a recent photograph from no longer than six months ago. Atlanta citizenship and naturalizationlawyer

After all the documents are received it will be necessary to go to a designated fingerprinting center. Additional forms may be needed at this point and an immigration lawyer may give advise for the filling out of these forms as well. After all of the documents have been received and verified, a date will be set for the interview and tests. Be sure to bring photo identification, if possible, to the designated testing and interview area. After the interview has taken place the attendee must take the English and Civics test. This test may cover U.S. government , the basics of the English language, and necessary cultural information.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will review all the tests, forms, and interviews to make a decision. If any problems are found with any of the stages the citizenship may not be approved. If the citizenship is approved and the alien is found eligible for naturalization they will receive an intimation from the Immigration Services. It will contain the times and dates of the oath taking ceremony. This is an oath of allegiance to the US Constitution. After the oath is taken a Certificate of Naturalization will be bestowed and the party is now a citizen of the country.

It is important to remember two things before this process is undertaken. The first is to present clear and honest information during all stages, including on the forms and during the interview. The next is to consider a professional immigration lawyer who can expedite and clarify all stages. Call our Atlanta citizenship lawyer today