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Temporary and Permanent Visas

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Temporary Visas
Atlanta immigration visa lawyer: Schedule a consultation with our Atlanta visa lawyer today. Aliens seeking to enter the United States must first secure  a visa from a U.S. consulate or embassy. Visa holders may enter the United States for a set duration and purpose, depending on the  visa type. Immigrant visas, which may be employment-based or family-based, enable their holders to remain in the United States permanently  and to eventually apply for U.S. citizenship. Aliens holding immigrant visas may legally work in the country. We help our clients  obtain immigrant or nonimmigrant visas throughout the United States by working closely with them and dealing with foreign consulates.  In addition, we represent clients in obtaining other status such as TPS or DED ( temporary protected status), religious visa, battered  spouse visa, k1 fiancee visa, advance parole (travel documents), renewal of documents, adjustment of status and in properly filing  out their affidavit of support documents by working with the branch of law that covers U.S. citizenship, loss of citizenship, and the admission or removal of aliens is called the “Immigration law.” Immigration law is very complex, and it is strongly recommended that any individuals who need to understand it should do so with an immigration lawyer’s help. Legal immigration involves immigrants who are seeking to enter into the United States and how they can do so. Immigrants need to have a visa in order for them to enter into the country legally. Permanent and temporary visas are given to immigrants, depending on the reason that they are entering the country. Obtaining a visa is a very long and complicated process and should be done with the help of immigration attorneys.Visas are official government endorsements and are usually stamped in the person’s passport. The type of visa that an individual needs depends on the needs and goals of the individual, as well as his status with the immigration laws. Immigrant visas are given to qualified individuals who wish to stay permanently in the United States. Reasons for permanent residence may include:
 a family member to a U.S. citizen
  a potential employee of a U.S. company
> they have foreign national business or investment interests in the U.S.Nonimmigrant visas are given to people who will be in the U.S. temporarily. The United States grant a lot more nonimmigrant visas than they do immigrant ones. A few examples of nonimmigrant visa categories include:
> A-1 visas, which are for diplomatic personnel
> B-1 visas, which are for business
> B-2 visas, which are for tourists
> F-1 visas, which are for students
> H visas, which are for temporary workersAnother area of the immigration law includes the “status” of the individual’s legal position in regards to their presence in the United States. “In status” means that the individual is in the United States legally under the existing law. “Out of status” means that the individual does not currently have a legal right to be inside the United States. Once an immigrant falls into the “out of status” category, it is very hard to get back “in status.”An individual can be “in status” through various ways, some of them include:
> having U.S. citizenship
> having permanent residence, also known as a “green card”
> having a valid unexpired nonimmigrant visa, however if they violate the terms of the nonimmigrant visa, they are now “out of status”
> having been Paroled into the United States > having been granted refugee or asylee statusIt is a common misunderstanding that as long as an individual follows all immigration laws that they can obtain a legally valid status to be in the U.S., this is however not true, and by speaking to immigration lawyers is the only way to establish the individuals personal situation.
Whether the individual needs a permanent or a temporary visa, they should obtain one with the help of immigration attorneys. The application procedure for both types of visas are complicated and require a lot of forms and documents to be filed. Immigrations lawyers are there to help and guide individuals in taking the correct steps to be able to enter into the United States legally. Atlanta immigration visa lawyer