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Recently, Clients Have Been Very Interested in the E-b5 Visa Program.

The EB 5 Visa is currently a hot topic since the news broke that a big surge of wealthy Chinese nationals has shown interest in this investor immigration visa. According to a CNNMoney report last March 2014, affluent Chinese nationals account for over 80% of the issued EB 5 Visa, which is a far cry from the 13% (16 visas) granted in 2004. Call Zeribe Law Offices Atlanta, Georgia offices at: 770- 840-9098 to schedule… Continue reading

All About the E-1 Visa

Foreign nationals need visas to get into the United States. There are visas for all sorts of purposes (leisure, study, and work to name a few) and for different groups of people (such as skilled professionals, athletes, businessmen).
The E1 Visa is a kind of treaty visa for nationals (whether individuals or companies) of countries that have treaties with the United States. The treaty visas or E-visas allow nationals to work, develop, invest, and… Continue reading

The E2 Visa

E2 Visa is another kind of E visa, but this time it is also called as the Treaty Investor Visa. Although it has some similarities with the E1 visa (and other visas for that matter), the E2 Visa has several distinct characteristics and qualifications. Here are a few answers to the frequently asked questions regarding the E2 Visa.

  1. Who can apply for E2 Visas?

Foreign nationals (company or individual) who meet certain qualifications can apply… Continue reading

Immigration Marriage Green Cards

Having a green card through marriage is a complex procedure that sometimes takes many years to achieve and requires many documents to be submitted. Understanding some of the common rules and some of the trade-offs can help to find out which is the right method to take to attain this target. In case you come to USA with a K-1 fiance passport or a K-3 visa then it normally requires a couple of years waiting… Continue reading

Employment Visas

Certain foreign nationals are eligible for work visas. Work visas allow foreign nationals to live and work in theUnited States. There are different types ofUSwork visas. There are also numerical limitations on some of these visas. Foreign nationals seeking aUSwork visa should consult with an experiencedUSimmigration attorney.

Not all work visas are alike. The eligibility criteria for each work visa are different. Each has its own conditions. While some allow the foreign national to live… Continue reading

How to Select Your Immigration Lawyer

The immigration process can include a lot of document handling and processing. The length, cost and processing may be different depending on the immigration case. People have unique immigration cases. Some may be simple enough to be handled on their own while some might need the legal assistance of an immigration lawyer. An immigration lawyer is someone who specializes in immigration cases. Not only are they familiar with the documents, requirements and processes, they are… Continue reading

Tips when Planning for Immigration to Another Place

There are different processes one must undergo for immigration, that some people get confused with all the to-dos in the checklist and ends up getting stressed about the littlest things. In planning for immigration, there are certain things that you should take note of.


The Immigration Process

  • Immigration to another country requires a due process that needs to be fulfilled. For countries like the U.S., their immigration process is lengthy and costly. The usual… Continue reading

Immigration Law and the United States

If you are thinking of relocating to the United States, for citizenship you will need to understand immigration law. This will help you understand and prepare for your relocation. If you are already in the U. S., you will need to know about your legal rights and responsibilities. Atlanta immigration lawyer

Getting a United States Visa

When you visit the United States, you may obtain a business or a pleasure visa. The business or… Continue reading

Immigration to the United States through Family Visas


The United States ranks as one of the top countries where people want to immigrate to. In fact, in 2013, the United States had an average of 45.8 million immigrants, which accounts for about 14% of the population according to the UN.

In terms of immigration, it comes as no surprise that immigration through Family Visas is one of the most sought after ways to immigrate to the US. But as with many other… Continue reading

Preparing for the Immigration Marriage Interview

Getting to the immigration marriage interview phase is not an easy feat to achieve especially everyone knows how tedious it is to get here. But upon reaching this part, you should not be lax as the immigration marriage interview phase is still a worthy and important battle you should win. In order to ace this phase, you must prepare with everything you can. Preparation will surely arm you with the right tools to get through… Continue reading

Usual Reasons for Immigration

Immigration, or the movement of a person in another country with the intention of settling there for good, is becoming increasingly common nowadays. People have different reasons why they immigrate and here are the usual reasons for immigration:

  • Employment

People want better job opportunities. Some may be targeting a specific company and are lucky enough to be hired. Another situation may be due to promotion or because the company assigned the person to another country… Continue reading

A Rundown of Different Types of Permanent Worker Visas

According to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), about 140,000 visas are available for job immigrants (and their immediate family, too). Many citizens seek employment and residence in the United States, but not everyone makes the cut. Obtaining a permanent worker visa is one of the most effective ways to obtain work in the US. However, it is not an easy task to get a permanent worker visa. It takes the right combination… Continue reading

Usual Reasons for Seeking an Immigration Visa

Immigration, or the movement of a person in another country with the intention of settling there for good, is becoming increasingly common nowadays. People have different reasons why they want to obtain an immigration visa and immigrate and here are the usual reasons for immigration:

  • Employment  Visa

People want better job opportunities. Some may be targeting a specific company and are lucky enough to be hired. Another situation may be due to promotion… Continue reading

A Rundown of the Different Types of Temporary Worker Visas

To many people across the globe, working in the United States seems like a good opportunity. Especially for those who belong to many of the world’s developing countries, having employment and residing in the United States of America is a big thing as it is considered to be a “greener pasture”.


A citizen of a foreign country is required to have a visa to make an entry to the United States. In particular, those… Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of Immigration to Host Countries

For every process, there are advantages and disadvantages. Same is the case for immigration or the movement into another place for the intent of settling there for a relatively long period of time. Immigration has impacts to both countries of origin and host countries. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks experienced by host countries due to immigration.

Pros of Immigration

  • Increased Manpower

Host countries may lack some manpower and may have job… Continue reading


Atlanta Immigration Lawyer

Georgia Immigration Attorney

There are two ways of becoming a US citizen – by birth or by naturalization. Naturalization allows an alien to legally become a US citizen. Likewise denaturalization is the process in which your US citizenship is revoked or cancelled. The US government has the power to cancel your US citizenship. The government can revoke or cancel your US citizen for many reasons. An experienced US immigration lawyer at Zeb… Continue reading

Applying for Refugee Status

Georgia immigration Attorneys

Under US immigration laws, you can apply for a refugee status if you have been persecuted or you fear that you will be persecuted on the basis of your religion, race, political opinion, nationality or social group. Consult with an experiencedUSimmigration lawyer to know if you qualify for refugee status under US immigration laws.

One of the main requirements for a refugee status is that you should be outside theUnited States. If… Continue reading