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Employment Visas

Certain foreign nationals are eligible for work visas. Work visas allow foreign nationals to live and work in theUnited States. There are different types ofUSwork visas. There are also numerical limitations on some of these visas. Foreign nationals seeking aUSwork visa should consult with an experiencedUSimmigration attorney.

Not all work visas are alike. The eligibility criteria for each work visa are different. Each has its own conditions. While some allow the foreign national to live permanently in theUSand work with any employer or start an own business, some are valid only for a certain period of time and there are restrictions on the change of employer. An experiencedUSimmigration lawyer can advice you on your best options.

The most common non-immigrant employment visa is the H1B. An H1B applicant must have a college or post graduate degree and a job offer from aUSbased company. The US based company must sponsor the H1B petition. An experiencedUSimmigration lawyer can help prepare the H1B petition.

Another common non-immigrant employment visa is the L1 visa. A foreign national who is employed overseas for at least three years as a manager or as an executive or is having specialized knowledge can be transferred by the foreign national’s employer to the US to occupy a similar position in the employer’s office in the US. The employer’s office in theUScould be a branch office or a subsidiary or affiliate or a joint venture set up. An experiencedUSimmigration lawyer advice you on your eligibility and help you with the formalities.

Foreign nationals can also work in theUSon a J1 visa. J1 visas are sponsored by educational institutions and organizations in theUSand allow the foreign national to work or participate in exchange programs. An experiencedUSimmigration lawyer can review your case and advise you on your eligibility for a J1 visa. Canadian and Mexican nationals can work in theUSunder a TN visa. A TN visa applicant must have a bachelor’s degree or professional qualification and work in a profession approved for the TN visa.


There are also employment based immigrant visas. An employment based immigrant visa allows the foreign national to work anywhere in theUSand for any employer. It is a green card. The employment based immigrant visa must be sponsored by aUSemployer. TheUSemployer must file the petition on behalf of the foreign national with the USCIS along with the required documents and proof of eligibility of the foreign national. An experiencedUSimmigration lawyer can help theUSemployer prepare the petition.


Certain highly qualified foreign nationals can apply for an immigrant work visa without having aUSemployer sponsor their petition. An experiencedUSimmigration lawyer can determine your eligibility for self filing. Foreign national who do not qualify for self filing can seek the advice of an experiencedUSimmigration lawyer for other options for working in theUS.