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How to Select Your Immigration Lawyer

The immigration process can include a lot of document handling and processing. The length, cost and processing may be different depending on the immigration case. People have unique immigration cases. Some may be simple enough to be handled on their own while some might need the legal assistance of an immigration lawyer. An immigration lawyer is someone who specializes in immigration cases. Not only are they familiar with the documents, requirements and processes, they are also updated with the recent changes in immigration laws and procedures and are trained to handle complex situations. Since immigration lawyers play big and important roles, it is important to have criteria in selecting your immigration lawyer.


Efficiency and Competency

Make sure to select a lawyer that specializes in immigration cases. Not all lawyers would be eligible in handling immigration cases. Such cases can be highly complex and only those that have undergone proper training and education can handle them.

  • Make sure he/she has proper credentials in being an immigration lawyer.
  • Check the past cases handled by the immigration lawyer. You will get an idea if he/she is competent enough to handle your case.
  • Ask him/her if he/she has handled a case similar to yours. Hiring someone who is already familiar with your case is an advantage.



  • Check the list of certified immigration lawyers such as AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association). Finding the name on such list will assure you that that lawyer is familiar with immigration laws and policies.
  • Monitor your short listed names of immigration lawyers and check if they are members of such organizations. Though it is not a requirement, being a member of such will imply that he/she in an expert in the field.
  • Check her background. Contact the local state bar to know whether the lawyer has been subject to past disciplinary actions or not.




  • You can ask around for names of immigration lawyers to your friends or relatives. People often recommend good lawyers. You can also hear their feedbacks about a certain person. A negative or positive feedback would be very useful in your search, as you already know whom among them you could consider or not based on the response.



  • Compare the fees demanded by the immigration lawyers included in your list. Clarify their rates whether they charge hourly or on a flat rate. Also, ask if there would be any additional fees in the future.


Better screen all the people in your list before hiring, as what they would be doing is crucial to your future.