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Immigration Marriage Green Cards

Having a green card through marriage is a complex procedure that sometimes takes many years to achieve and requires many documents to be submitted. Understanding some of the common rules and some of the trade-offs can help to find out which is the right method to take to attain this target. In case you come to USA with a K-1 fiance passport or a K-3 visa then it normally requires a couple of years waiting or you should utilize an immigration lawyer but it will make you use much more cash. I think you have to discuss with the immigration lawyer before entering the states. Atlanta Immigration attorney can help.

The most common method to be given as a fully permanent citizen of USA is to get marriage and fill all the legal documents there. The foreign citizen husband or wife must submit all of their documents and not leave the state until there is an adjustment of status.

Specifications to Acquire Green Card

Numerous steps must be taken to acquire green card through an immigration marriage. The steps are visa petition from immigration, proof from the loved one who is real US resident, a marriage credential and as well a certificate if there was a divorce. All of information must be certifiable and prepared in English. Furthermore, the forms for adjustment of status have to be filed, the form for a work license, and the form for advance parole trip if the husband or wife is admissible to the USA. Filing costs run at present beyond one-thousand dollars. There should be an affidavit of support filed on behalf of the foreign-born partner.

Once all of the above procedures finished, then the applicant have to perform a fingerprint. It needs several weeks until the spouses being invited for an immigration interview. You should not tell lies in this step. Relax and reply all the questions based on everything you know about your loved one. It is better to honestly confess in case one doesn’t know the answer. At the interview, dress adequately and be well-mannered to the interviewer.

The immigration Interviewing Process

Differences in race, faith, or age will be asked by the interviewer to figure out in case the couples have a deceitful purpose. If there is a legitimate difference, be ready to clarify it at the interview. If the wife is much older than the husband, this is especially identifiable as an issue. The husband and wife will feel bothersome but it is quite vital for the procedure.

The immigration interviewer will schedule the next interview personally when the answers did not match adequately. At this stage, if the answers do not match, the petitioner may be subject to criminal punishment and forced to admit to fake purpose.

Employ a reliable immigration attorney and do not tell any lies statements in going through the activity are the most effective ways to achieve your target to get the green card. A good immigration lawyer can be invaluable