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Preparing for the Immigration Marriage Interview

Getting to the immigration marriage interview phase is not an easy feat to achieve especially everyone knows how tedious it is to get here. But upon reaching this part, you should not be lax as the immigration marriage interview phase is still a worthy and important battle you should win. In order to ace this phase, you must prepare with everything you can. Preparation will surely arm you with the right tools to get through this process successfully and avoid getting denied or rejected. Here are some pointers that you can do to prepare yourself for the immigration marriage interview process.

  • Be on time. This is one of the most advised tip that you should practice and exercise in everything you do, and most especially when you are to undergo an immigration marriage interview. Being on time will show the immigration officers that you are responsible, disciplined and value this interview process a lot as well as show them that you are not wasting anybody’s time. It will also show greatly about how sincere you are with your intent.


  • Dress accordingly. Remember the saying that goes, “First impression lasts”? That certainly applies here too. The appearance that we show to the Immigration Officers will surely matter. Since the immigration marriage interview is a formal and serious event, so you must dress conservatively. Believe it or not, your attire will increase your success rate a notch.


  • Do not just hear out the questions thrown at you instead LISTEN and respond fittingly. Hearing is quite different than listening. Hearing a sound can be accidental, effortless and involuntary while listening requires focus, understanding, intent and voluntarism. Do not just hear out what was asked of you but intently listen and understand so that you may be able to respond fittingly. It is but normal that nervousness can come into play and may cloud your focus but do practice at home whenever you can. This will lessen the nervousness on the actual date as well as increase your focus. Also answer honestly and do not ever make things up or pretend. Pretending and lying will not get you anywhere and will just have the worst consequences. It may even get you deported.


  2. Prepare back up documents. Prepare some backup copies of your documents, even those which you have already submitted to them. It is also wise to bring the originals in case you need more copies but be careful and always take care of the originals. You will never know when you will be needing copies for verification or clarification. Put them in folders, envelopes or plastic cases for safe keeping while on the interview. Some of the documents that you should also prepare are the proof that both of you are truly in a genuine relationship and not just some fixed marriage so that the foreign partner can get their green card and immigrant status in the United States. These could include your letters, email messages, photos, joint bank accounts and the likes.