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The E2 Visa

E2 Visa is another kind of E visa, but this time it is also called as the Treaty Investor Visa. Although it has some similarities with the E1 visa (and other visas for that matter), the E2 Visa has several distinct characteristics and qualifications. Here are a few answers to the frequently asked questions regarding the E2 Visa.

  1. Who can apply for E2 Visas?

Foreign nationals (company or individual) who meet certain qualifications can apply for E2 Visas. The qualifications include, but are not limited to:

  • A national of an E2 Visa country
  • Must have a substantial investment in the United States of about $400,000
  • Has a long-term lease of office in the United States
  • To employ (or already have in employment) US workers
  • History of successful trading
  • Sufficient business acumen
  • Willingness to leave once the E2 status is terminated.
  1. What are the E2 Visa countries?

Individuals or companies from some designated countries can apply E2 Visas:

  1. Is there are set minimum level of investment to qualify for an E2 Visa?

No. Just like the E1 visa, there is no set minimum investment, but the following points must be remembered regarding investment values:

  • The lower the investment, the less likely to qualify
  • Investment must be enough to justify the presence in the United States
  • Investment is required to be an operating business and must have been made before applying for E2 Visa.
  • Stocks and bonds do not qualify as an investment in this aspect.
  1. Do employees also qualify for an E2 Visa?

Yes, provided that the principal applicant (investor) has been granted the E2 status and that the jobs of the employees are absolute necessities to run the business. The E2 status is more commonly granted to employees in managerial or executive positions. In some cases, skilled workers are also granted if no other personnel can perform the responsibility entailed.

 Can E2 dependents also be granted visas?

Yes, but their E2 cannot be used for employment. 

Before applying for such visa, always make sure to get to know more about it first so you will have a smooth visa processing.

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